Friday, October 09, 2015
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The Catfish Plantation

In Waxahachie, Texas at 814 Water St is the Catfish Plantation Restaurant, built in 1895. The haunting at this location has been featured in numerous books, magazines, newspapers, and television shows. The restaurant clearly has profited from their unseen guests.

Melissa and Tom Baker opened the restaurant in 1984, and soon after strange things began to happen. The first was the discovery of neatly stacked coffee cups in the tea roorn.In the 80s, a full-fledged investigation took place in the hours after the restaurant closed. Every kind of ghost hunting equipment was used. People from the University of Texas arrived for the event as well as photographers, psychics, the curious, and many others. After conducting an investigation that covered every area of the restaurant, the researchers concluded that, there were three ghosts. Elizabeth was a young woman strangled to death on her wedding day in the dining room of the house, perhaps by an ex-boyfriend or lover, some time in the 1920s. The second specter is believed to be a man who was a farmer, and died sometime during the Depression-era. Neither of these two ghosts is particularly active and not necessarily, the cause of all of the aggressive activity that took place in the early years. That ghost would be the third one found, whom they call Caroline or Carry. She is matronly and somewhat disgruntled. This may be because when the original owners bought the building, and began the restaurant they first did extensive renovation and restorations, and we know ghosts do not like change.

The haunting at the Catfish Plantation Restaurant is much like many of the other more active haunted buildings in Texas. The locking, and unlocking of doors by themselves; the sound of a piano playing; the stereo turning on and off, sudden strong breezes in the house, floating dollar bills, glasses flying to the air, and the radio changing stations by itself.

Fun fact: the house was the birthplace of Paul Richards a famous baseball player who played for the New York Yankees and managed the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox.

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