Tuesday, October 13, 2015
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Where Will We Go Next?

Haunted Texas are gearing up for our next investigation. One of these stories will be the focus of the next episode. We want your input...


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Haunted Texas Episode 1 - Castell, Texas

Host Jeanine Plumer and her team of history buffs and paranormal investigators take on the haunting story behind the first German settlers in Castell, Texas.

Part I


Part II



Haunted Texas - The Series

Haunted Texas is a half-hour documentary series that is part history, part travelogue, and part mystery. Ghosts, spirits and angels exist, not because of how they died, but rather beacause of how they lived. The series uses extensive historical research to understand the details of a haunting and why spirits remain. Haunted Texas will use the latest investigative technology to communicate and learn how our lives influence our death and beyond.

The Pilot

The pilot episode is an exploration into the history of Peyton Colony, Texas. Going back in time, the program introduces the people and places that existed in Peyton Colony. Also known as Freedman's Colony, the settlement was established by former slaves after the Civil War. As the story of this unique and historical area unfolds, Haunted Texas reveals the mysterious nature of events occuring today. New residents in the vicinity of this abandoned community report visions of African Americans dressed in period clothing as if time never passed. The producers and the show's host, Jeanine Plumer, interview current property owners and decendents of those who established the colony. Sensitive recording equipment is used to conduct an investigation.


Steeped in history and fact, Haunted Texas creates a compelling approach to history that audiences young and old, from all walks of life will find intriguing.


Haunted Austin, The Book - Now Available

Haunted Austin: History and Hauntings in the Capital CityA killer lurks in the dark streets, victimizing servant girls and Austin becomes the first American city to claim a serial killer.  The spirits of convicts wander amidst the manicured grounds of the Texas State Capitol while inside a man assassinated in 1903 still haunts the corridors. These are just a few of the strange, informative and frightening tales of Haunted Austin. Within the book lies evidence that the frontier bravado legendary in so many Texas men and women lives on long after death. Written by Austin Ghost Tour owner Jeanine Plumer Haunted Austin is now in local stores and Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill or online www.amazon.com